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Marbella New Developments

The fastest selling property at the moment in the Costa del Sol property market are Marbella new developments.  Figures just out show how the Spanish Property Market has grown by 14% in 2016, the third year of successive growth.

Why are new Marbella developments so popular?

There are many reasons savvy buyers are electing to buy new and off plan properties on the Costa del Sol.  Here are a few of the advantages:

  • Fashion and function – Developers supplying new properties to the market are keen to ensure their products sell and sell quickly. Hence they are employing innovative architects and interior designers, ensure their buildings feature eye catching designs and the very latest technology.  So you will be buying a property which looks like something out of the pages of the trendy property magazines, with the latest trendy interiors, modern lighting and energy efficient systems.
  • Fancy Options as Standard – Developers are competing with their counterparts for your euros, and hence each one wants to appear more attractive than their competition. So, like in the car world, more and more of what may have been considered optional costed extras in the past are becoming standard fit.  Items like rooftop plunge pools and domotica intelligent home automation systems are now standard on many new developments.
  • The Club Experience – many new developments are including club type facilities for the use of all buyers. Items such as gymnasiums, heated indoor pools and spa’s are featuring more and more on new developments.
  • Easier on the Finances – Buying a new development or off plan property gives you the ability to pay for your new apartment or villa over a longer period with staged payments during the build and completion process. It can also be easier to get a mortgage for these properties with developers already having agreements in place with major banks.
  • Ease of mind – new property in Spain usually comes with a 10 year guarantee so you have ease of mind in the event of any major issues within the first 10 years.

All great reasons for buying a new development here in Marbella.

New verses resales property in Marbella

However there are equally several great reasons to buy a resales (second hand) property over a new development!  Here are a few:

  • Location – With it’s understandable desirability the Costa del Sol has developed at a rapid pace over the past 40 years or so. And guess what – the developers who have built and sold all of these great apartments and villas over the past 40 years did not choose the least desirable locations to develop 😉  Of course most of the most spectacular locations, near the beach, with great views, close to town centres, etc have been developed in the past.  Hence if you are going for a resale property you decide exactly where you want to be and there is a lot of truth in the adage ‘location, location, location’!
  • Tried and tested – When you are buying a resale property you know you are buying something which is well tried and tested. Whilst new developments come with a good guarantee and are all ‘new’ the ‘running in’ period can be trying for those not used to the Spanish systems.
  • Established Areas – When buying a resale property you usually can see how everything is around your property and you can move in and enjoy the relaxing Mediterranean lifestyle. The restaurants, shops and bars are a known quantity.  This may not be the case with a new development – for example are you buying on the outskirts of town?, what will be built on the empty plot of land behind?, or more importantly in front?, are you phase 1?, will there be another 3 phases meaning you are living on a building site for the next 4 years?, etc.

Let us show you the best Marbella new developments and resales properties

Here at Luxury Villa Sales we are happy to show you a good mix of resales and new developments with prices starting below €200,000 and going up over €15,000,000.  We will inform you on our views of the pro’s and con’s of each before allowing you to make the decision on which property best needs your needs.  Contact us here